Cool Living - Adult Contemporary KOKO-08


With intimidating accuracy COOL LIVING’s 90s-Emo-Indie-Rock hits that sweet spot somewhere between nostalgia and an intense awareness of the moment that goes best with the cathartic melancholy of an hour long lonely bus ride just when you need it. Total Deceleration.
On Adult Contemporary they trade in the kind of moments that are often intangible and yet so familiar. They paint pictures with that special mixture of poetic abstractness, utter sincerity and just a spoonful of Americana that makes your favorite Indie movie feel like you’ve lived it yourself.

The donation-rotation continues: part of the money you spend on "Adult Contemporary" gets donated to an organization of the bands choosing. Cool Living decided on No Border Kitchen.
NBK is a group of anarchist activists that helps refugees that are being held on Greek islands by municipal and European forces.
They deliver and cook food, organize collections, provide aid and assistance and report on the crimes committed by fortress Europe on innocent people in the camps.
A lot of shit has happened in the last years and public focus shifts regularly. But the refugees haven't gone anywhere (they couldn't), and NBK will stay with them.

50 cents of every Vinyl-Sale of “Adult Contemporary” will be donated. If you choose to pay more than 15€, the additional amount will be added to the donations in full.

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Thanks to all the other labels involved:
I.Corrupt.Records (GER)
Sad React Records (DEN)
Saltamarges (CAT)
Shalosh Cult (ISR)
Fresh Outbreak Records (ITA)
Unlock Yourself Records (RUS)

If you live in or around Mainz/Wiesbaden and want to save shipping, shoot us an e-mail: konglomeratkollektiv [at] :)

Pressing Information

Pressing of 300 on opaque beige 12" vinyl.
Making these has cost band and labels 10.43€ per record.
Thank you for helping independent music survive.