Mäd Mäm #2: Free Britney Reads

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Second reprint of issue #2 of the Mäd Mäm series by Sinah Hasselbach. Make sure to follow the project on Instagram :).

The second issue of MÄD MÄM starts with the funniest band in the punk universe: Charmpit - get ready for a lot of Britney Spears content (in english). Sinah also talked to Sabrina from the band Lügen about some really cool and important topics (in german) aaand had the chance to interview the fabulous band Jealous, which also run their own label "Baby Satan Records" (in English).

1€ of every Zine-Sale of the Mäd Mäm series will be donated to Abortion Without Borders. If you choose to pay more than 5€, the additional amount will be added to the donations in full.

3rd edition.
This edition is digital print (not riso print!)