Shakers - I Need You To Know KOKO-02


Recorded live over five days, "I need you to know" encapsulates Shakers’ relentless energy. Channeling the likes of Xerxes, Comadre and Touché Amoré, the five-piece from Wiesbaden, Germany have created a record that sits neatly between Is Survived By and The Lack Long After, one that shakes with ferocious energy and incredible musicianship.
Pounding drums and ever-intriguing bass lines provide a rock-solid foundation for intricately interplaying guitar melodies, while the range of emotion displayed in the ever-oscillating vocals is rarely found in a genre that is often reluctant to show vulnerability.

As with our first release, we’re donating part of the takings from the sale of “I need you to know” to an organization of the band’s choosing. Shakers chose NSU-Watch as the recipient.
NSU-Watch is an independent watch-blog that is dedicated to monitoring the investigations surrounding the series of murders committed by the German Nazi terrorist group NSU that has been grossly mishandled, ignored and played down by the authorities.
Right now NSU-Watch is planning to release a book about the NSU-Trial in Munich, monitoring the work of the Investigation Committee investigating the NSU-Complex and the trial against the so-called “Hannibal-Network”, a right-wing network within the German armed forces and publishing a Podcast about the NSU-Complex, right-wing Terrorism and Racism.
You can find out more about their very important work and support them directly via this link: NSU-Watch

50 cents of every Vinyl-Sale of “I need you to know” will be donated. If you choose to pay more than 12€, the additional amount will be added to the donations in full.

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Thanks to all the other labels involved:
I.Corrupt.Records (GER)
La Agonía de Vivir (ESP)
Saltamarges (CAT)
Unlock Yourself Records (RUS)

If you live in or around Mainz/Wiesbaden and want to save shipping, shoot us an e-mail: konglomeratkollektiv [at] :)

Pressing Information

Pressing of 500 on opaque yellow 12" vinyl.
Making these has cost band and labels 14.75€ per record.
Thank you for helping independent music survive.