Hauke Henkel: Wie man keine Atombombe baut Reads


„Wie man keine Atombombe baut“ is a special kind of manual. In his first book, the artist Hauke
provides helpful instructions on how to avoid building an atomic bomb and do something
else instead. Well suited for people who often wonder what to do with their time.
Together with some illustrations by Konglomerats very own Finz this small booklet itself is a
means of harmless enjoyment.

Co-Release with the new publishing house Edition Elbestraße Hinterhaus (Frankfurt).

1€ of every book sale goes to ISD (Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland). If you choose to pay more than 6€, the additional amount will be added to the donations.

54 pages, 10,5 x 14,7 cm, Edition of 50.
In German language only